Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tops & Bottoms

PJP237 Pink RM38
PJ392 Pink RM44 , PJ1025 Purple RM40

GP8759 White RM39

GP8766 Purple RM35

GP9058 White RM33 , GP9059 White RM30

PJ409 Blue RM38

PJS403 Coffee RM48

PJ0822 (1 set) Red RM65 , PJ0821 (1 set) Yellow RM65

GP8233 Black RM35

PJ9043 Pink RM25

PJY010 Dark Red RM25

PJP769 Green RM30

GP9066 Green RM27 , GP9066 Pink RM27

PJ904 Grey RM35

PJP016 White RM35
GP9012 White RM35

PJ1833 White RM26

GP8255 Black RM40

GP9038 Pink RM38
GP9071 Pink RM37
GP9072 RM32

GP9075 White RM28
PJ401 Pink RM34

PJT116 Green RM27 , PJT117 White RM29
PJ503213 Black RM22
PJ303402 White RM35
PJ303410 White RM30
PJ303419 Green RM30
PJ097413 Red RM35
PJ091026 White RM31
PJ091029 Pink RM33
PJ303055 Orange RM23
GP9091 Black RM37

GP9092 Red RM32
PJ100168 Purple RM30
PJS080 Coffee RM26
PJT8608 Black RM38 , PJT8608 White RM38
PJX018 White RM35 , GP9206 Green RM43
GP9207 Coffee RM47
GP9212 White RM38
GP9200 Purple RM42
GP9201 Coffee RM40
GP9202 Red RM45
GP9205 Coffee RM43
PJ302 Yellow RM30
PJT122 White RM32
PJY031 Army Green RM30 , PJP042 White RM34
PJP1017 Grey RM36
PJP1049 White RM34
PJSD606 (2 piece) Black RM55
PJD885 Coffee RM42
PJD888 Pink RM50
PJD106 (2 piece) Black RM45
PJD868 White RM50
PJ091032 Grey RM31 , PJ091033 Grey RM31
PJ091038 White RM35
PJ091039 (2 piece) Black RM35
PJ091043 RM36
PJP430 Pink RM25
GP8731 Coffee RM37
GP8768 Beige RM33
GP8737 Purple RM35
GP9107 Red RM38
PJ9044 Pink RM30
PJ9929 Pink RM40 , PJ9929 White RM40
PJE074 Black RM32 , PJE074 Blue RM32
PJT120 Brown RM32
PJY041 Blue RM30 , PJY041 Pink RM30
GP9112 White RM41

GP9115 Black RM35

GP9116 Black RM31
GP9117 White RM25
GP9119 Pink RM30 , GP9119 Blue RM30
GP9120 Purple RM26
GP9121 Purple RM39
GP9122 Blue RM35
GP9125 Grey RM36
GP9127 Purple RM32
GP9131 Black RM26
PJ695 Pink RM35
PJ9048 White RM33
PJ9063 Beige RM35
PJ9066 Green RM37
PJD230 Coffee RM43
PJT0088 Beige RM35
PJ9060 Black RM25
GP9132 Blue RM41
GP9133 Pink RM30
GP9137 Black RM40
GP9138 Grey RM37
GP9136 Grey RM30
GP9139 White RM32
GP9150 Red RM32
GP9151 Beige RM32
PJP4067 Purple RM29
PJP4463 Black RM30
PJP9082 Purple RM35
PJP9115 Blue RM36
GP9218 Black RM38 , GP9219 Pink RM38
GP9220 (2 piece) Blue RM45 , GP9221 (2 piece) Beige RM49
GP9222 Yellow RM42 , GP9223 (2 piece) White RM39
GP9225 Pink RM43 , GP9226 (free belt) White RM38
GP9227 White RM41 , GP9228 Black RM45
GP9229 Purple RM38 , GP9230 Purple RM43
GP9231 Purple RM33 , GP9232 Beige RM43
GP9233 (2 piece) Blue RM41 , GP9233 (2 piece) Grey RM41
GP9235 RM50 , GP9236 RM50
GP9237 Beige RM43 , GP9238 White RM45
GP9250 Purple RM45 , GP9251 White RM38
PJ9077 Red RM35
PJ9083 Grey RM33
PJ9089 Black RM35
PJ9091 Pink RM27
PJ9092 Black RM35 , PJ9092 Pink RM35 , PJ9092 White RM35
PJ9099 Beige RM33